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We are now 24/7 gym access

12 November 2019

We are now 24/7 gym access

24/7 Gym Access

Work out When you want 


 There will be just a one off $20 fee for those wishing 24/7 access. 

Only those who have paid this fee, completed our Health & Safety waiver form plus undertaken orientation will have this access.

  As part of our Health & Safety plan everyone who undertakes 24/7 access must complete our Health & Safety can do this at the facility or complete it from home by clicking on the link below.  We will receive this once it is completed. 

You will  need to book in with a trainer

for your orientation, this should take approximately 20 minutes.  This orientation is critical for your health & safety so please book in, access will not be given unless this has been done. 

Let's Do It !