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Magic Moments - Babies and Toddler Programme

Our specialised baby and toddler swim programme caters to the physical, intellectual, developmental and emotional needs of our students.

Through exploration and play, songs and challenges, and safe practices around water we are committed to making sure that every child develops appropriate aquatic skills and are given every opportunity to develop to their fullest.

Our Magic Moments team are dynamic and vibrant, well trained and have a real passion for working with parents to help develop safe, competent and confident swimmers. There is a focus on positive interactions between parent and child.

By focussing on the child’s level of readiness and well being we are able to take these Magic Moments to a level far beyond the learning of swimming skills.

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Pre-School Swimming

From the outset SwimMagic aims to have children as safe as possible in, on and around water. We have chosen to focus almost solely on body position and kick exercises to speed up progress for our youngest swimmers.

If a child does find themselves in difficulty in the water, their ability to float and kick will improve their chances of survival.

Our lesson planning makes sure that swimmers are introduced to the right skills at the right time, and through high repetition of key skills, we are confident we will have your child swimming to the best of their ability in the shortest possible time.

We are sure you will enjoy your lessons because they are fun, well organized, and goal orientated with a water-safety focus.

School Age Learn to Swim

SwimMagic's school-age programme is second to none. We have utilised the experience and knowledge of over 200 instructors to develop a consistent system that is being constantly improved and refined.

Doing the basics well produces the best results for our swimmers. Our programme is based on three key principals, a stable body position, a strong kick, and the longest possible stroke.

The SwimMagic Programme is seeing tens of thousands of swimmers each year coming out of the programme with great skills, and a love for the water that will stay with them for life.


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Squad Programme

While most Swim Schools are structured with goals focused around distance, SwimMagic has decided to progress children through squad levels based on their ability to hold technique.

The SwimMagic Squad teachers are trained to provide individual corrective feedback to swimmers in motion, and to engage with the swimmers so they understand what they need to do. This approach combined with lesson planning targeting effective streamlining, kick development and speed adjustment will get your child swimming to the best of their ability in the shortest possible time.

Adult Programme

SwimMagic's Adult Programme caters for absolute beginners through to competent swimmers looking to improve their technique.

For adults who are not confident in the water, the Adult Introduction class will assist with building the foundation skills of swimming. Our well-trained instructors have a wealth of experience working with people to overcome their fear of the water and develop important water safety skills.

The Adult Programme is structured to have clear progressions between each level. There are achievable goals at each level which have a swimming and water safety focus.

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Swimming lessons for children with additional needs available at all sites.

Don't take our word for it and dive on in for a free assessment where we can walk you through what SwimMagic has to offer to you and your family.

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