Direct Debit Membership Contracts

Memberships make regular visits to our centre cheaper than paying casually. We also look after our members:

  • If you are going to be away for a fortnight or more (e.g. for an overseas trip or for a medical procedure) talk to us - if you qualify, we can suspend your payments by the length of time you are away.
  • All members are entitled to a 10% discount on shop stock that is not already discounted - just show your swipe card to the receptionist when you are making your purchase.

Membership Description

Minimum Contract Term


Full Facility 12 Month $18.00
Full Facility Concession 12 Month $16.00
Full Facility 6 Month $20.00
Full Facility Concession 6 Month $18.00
Full Facility Open Contract No minimum term $24.00
Group Fitness  12 Month $16.00
Group Fitness Concession 12 Month $14.00
Group Fitness  6 Month $18.00
Group Fitness Concession 6 Month $16.00
Group Fitness Open Contract No minimum term $22.00
Pool  12 Month $12.00
Pool Concession 12 Month   $10.00
Pool 6 Month $14.00
Pool Concession 6 Month $12.00
Pool Open Contract No minimum term $16.00

During May/June 2018 only - 15% off 6 and 12 month memberships

Points to Note:

  1. Unless stated otherwise, all new Debit Success contracts include a one-off administration fee of $25 that is deducted with your first instalment.
  2. If you cancel your contract (other than for compassionate reasons - e.g. sickness or disability) before the minimum term is completed, you will need to pay 25% of the remaining balance or $150 - whichever is the lesser. 10 days notice is required for any cancellation.
  3. You must prove your right to a concession membership before receiving your membership card: valid proof includes current student I.D, doctor referral, green prescription, pensioner’s card or community services card.
  4. If you select a concession membership you are not entitled to we will immediately cancel your membership, with no refund of any payments you have already made.