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[lej-uh nd]

a collection of stories about an admirable person.
a person who is the center of such stories (He/She was a living legend...)

Welcome to our web page for admirable people - people who have chosen not to be dictated to by the passing years or by the problems that life has thrown at them: people who have chosen to make a positive choice about living a healthy and active life-style.

We are bundling a range of programmes under the banner "Legends - Active Living Leaders". While it is targeted primarily at the 50+ age group, many of the options will also be open to people who, while not meeting the age requirement, are still beating the odds. 

Our facility brochure, available from our reception desk, includes group fitness classes that are suitable for the Legends age group - look for the Legends tick.

Group Fitness Timetable

Watch these pages for programmes and inspirational stories.