Legend - Billy Kani

Billy Kani Then and Now

Billy came to Whangarei Aquatic Centre in September 2015, weighing in at 167 kg. His left knee and shoulder were bone-on-bone, having worn away the cushioning, and he had sclerosis in his back. His doctor had told him he was borderline diabetic and predicted an early death if Billy didn't start making some changes.

Billy started small, joining in with our Hydro Intro classes in the hydrotherapy pool, where he joined with a couple kindred spirits for mutual encouragement. As he got stronger, he joined the gym and made the commitment to take a year off work to get himself in shape and his life back on to a healthier track.

He has made changes to his diet, cutting out (or back on) sugars,  carbs and bread, and he now spends more time at the centre than most staff - joining in with every group fitness class and boot camp and filling in the gaps in the gym.

You can see the changes in Billy - he has lost 67 kg, but has grown in all sorts of other ways. Mate, you're a legend.