Ora Up

This 6 week programme, run every term, will help you improve your health and wellbeing in all aspects of your life…

Physical health and sustainable body metrics – Boot camps, Nutrition Assessments and Personalised Programmes

Mental wellbeing – Goal setting, Challenges, Seminars

Spiritual wellbeing – Stretch classes (Yoga), Ai Chi, and weekly challenges that will get you out in our beautiful Northland environment.

Social Wellbeing – Team gatherings and camaraderie; Support from us!!

ORA UP is not a 'quick fix' crash weight loss programme - it's a sustainable and enjoyable way to reprogramme the way you live for ongoing health and vitality. The programme is run 4 times every year (in line with school terms) so you can join in when it suits you and 'top up' at any time if you want the increased motivation from group activities.

Our boot camps and classes are physically challenging, but our instructors are able to adapt and modify sessions to cater for injuries, or movement limitations - provided they are aware of them. As with any exercise regime, you are encouraged to get clearance from your doctor or healthcare provider before engaging in increased activity and it will be a condition of joining the programme that you sign a waiver to the effect that you have done this.

NOTE: If you are not already a member of our facility, by signing up you also get a full membership for the 6 weeks of the programme and are entitled to …

 Access to the Fitness Centre/Gym (open 6am-8pm weekdays, 8am-4pm weekends)
 Free assessments and personalised programmes to assist with your fitness goals
 Access to all our Aquarobic/Hydrotherapy Group Fitness classes (35 classes per week)
 Access to the pools including the spa and sauna