Preschool Lessons 3 – 5 years

LEVELS - Nipper, Flipper, Mover, Champion, Super Champs

20min lessons once a week or book for two lessons and recieve 20% off your second lesson

You are welcome to stay and enjoy the pool after your lesson. Remember you need to be in the water with your child and within arms reach. (ACC Supervision Rules 2013).  If you are taking advantage of this option, entry for a swim is $3.20. Please see reception to pay and get a red Band.

A chance for your child to enhance their developmental and water confidence skills in a social water environment. Our program enhances skills from safe entries, submersions, floating, kicking and paddling. Water safety messages are reinforced throughout the program including U turns, bouncing and ‘waiting’. Lessons will be held in the Education pool, with some sessions extending into the Leisure pool to introduce and develop awareness in the deep and lazy river.

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