Building Champions Pop Up School Obstacle Course

Look no further for a fun alternative to cross-country or house fun day. Our pop-up obstacle course is a mixture of massive inflatables and fun obstacles, which gets your student involved in active recreation without even realising it. Our course is designed with play at heart and is the perfect way to engage students no matter their age.  

We take all the stress out of organising outdoor education

We travel to you, set everything up, run the event and pack everything down, all in one day! We can accommodate 50-75 students at one time through the course, depending on the size of your space – that’s up to 600 people per day based on 30-minute rotations. All we need from you is a space to set up the course and some enthusiastic teachers to assist those through the course if needed. 


The Building Champions Pop Up School Obstacle Course qualifies for Tū Manawa funding in many cases. Read more about it here.

Our package Option

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Obstacle Course 



Pop-up Obstacle Course  

4x inflatables, 8 other obstacles & 3x staff up to 4 hours of Hireage 

$2000 +gst 


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What’s included?

• 95ft long Radical Racer Obstacle inflatable
• 43ft long Ultimate Ninja Warrior inflatable
• Balance Beams
• Over and under inflatables
• Cargo net crawler
• Tennis ball target throw
• Stepping stones
• Jumping hurdles
• Aflex balance inflatable
• Set up / pack down and delivery, Health and Safety documents / RAM’s form

What we need from you?

• Space to set up the course – schools fields or a local park. We can work with any size from one rugby field up!
• Enthusiastic teachers to assist through the course.

Why us?

• Extremely popular with schools because it get children moving without them realising
• An alternative to cross country/ school athletics
• Used by some schools to get children back attending schools
• Perfect for 4-12 year olds but even better when parents and older siblings help and do the course!
• Girls enjoy it just as much as the boys