Aqua Fitness

Aqua Fitness at the Richmond Aquatic Centre is a range of water-based group fitness classes. There is a variety of classes to suit all levels and abilities.

Casual class rates, concessions and memberships available. 

Hydro Boost

Hydro Boost is the next step up from our Hydro Aqua class. Still benefiting from the lovely warm water in our hydrotherapy pool this class will introduce slightly more intensity to moves in the water. Focusing on a range of motion and multi-joint movements, the warm water will leave you feeling comfortable and supported throughout the routine. Classes are 30minutes long.

Hydro Aqua

These low-impact 30min classes help to increase mobility, strength, flexibility, coordination and fitness. Classes are specially designed for those who suffer from arthritis, joint and circulation problems, or have limited mobility. Hydro Aqua classes are held in our warm hydrotherapy pool. Work at an intensity that suits you while still enjoying the warmth of a hydrotherapy environment. This class is targeted at people who want to work a little harder, but are not quite ready for the step up to a 45min class or are unable to work comfortably in cooler water.

Aqua Relief

Term time only, no classes during the school holidays

A very gentle 45 min class for those with arthritis and/or joint and mobility issues. This 45min class is taken in our warm Hydrotherapy Pool consists of slow and light exercises and will assist in gaining strength and joint mobility.

Lane Pool Classes

Legends Aqua

A 45-minute low impact class mainly in the shallow, focusing on increasing cardiovascular fitness, strength and flexibility. Ideal for those new to aqua fitness, senior citizens and pre & postnatal women, this class is held in our 25m lane pool.

Aqua Fit

This 45 minute, interval training based class is excellent as a cross-training alternative to land-based classes. Low impact exercises in the deep water of our 25m lane pool to increase fitness, strength and flexibility.

What are the benefits of Aqua Fitness?

  • Tones and shapes your muscles
  • Burns fat
  • Develops bones and muscle strength
  • Improves cardiovascular and muscle fitness
  • Promotes circulation and relaxation

What makes Aqua Fitness different?

  • Low or no impact - get the same workout without putting stress on your joints
  • Full body conditioning with the cushioning effect of the water
  • Resistance of the water enhances toning and shaping of your muscles
  • Water reduces excess body heat to create a cool, comfortable work-out environment
  • Quick post class recovery 

Group Fitness Timetable

Morning Classes: 05:30 am - 12:00 pm Afternoon / Evening Classes: 12:00 - 09:00 pm

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Roni Greenslade 


"Water and fun, what a combination! I love coming to Aquafit classes on Wednesday and Friday at 9.00am. Our instructors are qualified, decent, caring folk who have innovative, well thought out programs that cater for 50+ people. They create exercises that workout all parts of the body. Exercising in shallow water gives us buoyancy that we don’t have on land.  Most people enjoy the feeling of weightlessness. It makes us exceed our own exercise expectations. Give it a try!"


"We all want to feel fit, healthy and energised. Also it really is nice to exercise in water with a great group of people. We stay buoyant in deep water by wearing a belt that assists us to feel safe, weightless and flexible. We are very lucky to have instructors who have years of experience between them. Their positive attitudes and great programs ensure every workout counts. Each instructor has their own special personality. They cater to our need for a super workout, with fun and relaxation added to the mix. Aquafit classes are on Monday at 8.30am and Tuesday and Thursday at 9.00 am. Come and meet new people and friends. Enjoy a lovely coffee in the café after your class."

Gillian Morgan 

"I began attending aqua over 10 years ago and have found it a very pleasant way to stay fit and mobile.  The Richmond centre is the second aquatic centre I have joined, the other in the North Island. 

The enjoyment of exercise in water with other like-minded people is fun and friendly.  During lockdown, my body really missed the opportunity of being in the pool and my mind missed connecting with the other members.

Aqua trainers, administration and cafe staff at the centre are friendly and welcoming which helps set the tone for the rest of us. The pools are very clean and the changing rooms provide all that is necessary."

With so many options, what's your excuse? 

Richmond Aquatic Centre Richmond Aquatic Centre Richmond Aquatic Centre Richmond Aquatic Centre
Richmond Aquatic Centre Richmond Aquatic Centre Richmond Aquatic Centre Richmond Aquatic Centre
Richmond Aquatic Centre Richmond Aquatic Centre Richmond Aquatic Centre Richmond Aquatic Centre