The LEGENDS programme was born out of the rapidly increasing numbers in NZ’s senior population 

Our Legends Membership gives access to the Fitness Centre, Legends Classes, Pools, Spas and Sauna from 8am -5pm daily! 

Legends - Aqua Classes

Hydro Aqua

These low-impact 30min classes help to increase mobility, strength, flexibility, coordination and fitness. Classes are specially designed for those who suffer from arthritis, joint and circulation problems, or have limited mobility. Hydro Aqua classes are held in our warm hydrotherapy pool. Work at an intensity that suits you while still enjoying the warmth of a hydrotherapy environment. This class is targeted at people who want to work a little harder, but are not quite ready for the step up to a 45min class or are unable to work comfortably in cooler water

Aqua Relief

Term time only, no classes during the school holidays

A very gentle 45 min class for those with arthritis and/or joint and mobility issues. This 45min class is taken in our warm Hydrotherapy Pool consists of slow and light exercises and will assist in gaining strength and joint mobility.

Legends Aqua

A 45-minute low impact class mainly in the shallow, focusing on increasing cardiovascular fitness, strength and flexibility. Ideal for those new to aqua fitness, senior citizens and pre & postnatal women, this class is held in our 25m lane pool.

Aqua Fit

This 45 minute, interval training based class is excellent as a cross-training alternative to land-based classes. Low impact exercises in the deep water of our 25m lane pool to increase fitness, strength and flexibility.

Hydro Boost

Hydro Boost is the next step up from our Hydro Aqua class. Still benefiting from the lovely warm water in our hydrotherapy pool this class will introduce slightly more intensity to moves in the water. Focusing on a range of motion and multi-joint movements, the warm water will leave you feeling comfortable and supported throughout the routine. Classes are 30minutes long.

Legends - Group Fitness Classes 

Legends Strength & Balance

If you find the other classes a bit too intense now, try this! A motivating mix of easy cardio, upper & lower body strength & tone using light weights/resistance tubes, followed by simple, effective balance practice, functional floor stretches finishing with a calming, guided relaxation. The perfect class for those wanting to stay strong, agile and fit for daily life as we age.

Legends Circuit

20 minutes of fun, easy movement to get you warmed up, then 20 minutes of easy circuit exercise stations around the room to challenge your strength, balance and functional mobility at a level that suits you. Finish with floor stretches before a calming guided relaxation. The perfect class for those starting or returning to group exercise but work at their own personal pace.


BODYBALANCE is the yoga-based class that will improve your mind, your body and your life. During BODYBALANCE an inspired soundtrack plays as you bend and stretch through a series of simple yoga moves and embrace elements of Tai Chi and Pilates. Breathing control is a part of all exercises, and instructors will always provide options for those just getting started. You'll strengthen your entire body and leave the class calm, centered and happy.

Legends Memberships

Weekly Direct Debit Memberships

Weekly Direct Debit Memberships

Keep it simple, sign up for our convenient direct debit membership and enjoy our Legends classes for 6 or 12 months!

6 Month Cash Membership

6 Month Cash Membership

Like what you see, and want to pay for 6 months upfront? At $545 this membership is the perfect option for you!

12 Month Cash Membership

12 Month Cash Membership

Want to lock in our best rate? Sign up for 12 months and pay only $935! The perfect membership option for those that love what we offer!

Group Fitness Timetable

Morning Classes: 05:30 am - 12:00 pm Afternoon / Evening Classes: 12:00 - 09:00 pm

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What are the key things about class that you really enjoy:

  • Excellent guide all the way through. Leigh’s outstanding brings excellent knowledge, fun, pleasure and enjoyment
  • Always something challenging
  • Fun and gently challenging
  • Great range of movements and exercise, never boring
  • Meeting new people
  • Leigh’s enthusiasm
  • Time of day is great
  • Learning to do activities that are not too strenuous
  • Enthusiastic teacher who keeps our brains working
  • Great to move to music
  • Time/day of class is great for me
  • Good mix of different muscles, and balance practice

What is the ONE thing that brings you back each week?

  • It is so rewarding in many ways, can’t think of just one
  • Leigh’s positivity
  • Instructor’s enthusiasm

What, if anything, have you noticed has changed since you started coming to class:

  • My balance is better
  • My enjoyment of class is better
  • I get new ideas on ways to get fitter and more relaxed
  • Very rewarding to try new things and keep building on them
  • My balance has improved and it complements my gym work very well


What would you say to somebody thinking about coming along?

  • The very best activity!
  • Tremendously relaxing, guided relaxation
  • Come and try things that are good for helping with the ageing process
  • Definitely give it a try, you will notice a positive difference.
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Richmond Aquatic Centre Richmond Aquatic Centre Richmond Aquatic Centre Richmond Aquatic Centre
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