What we offer  

Health Assessment & Exercise Programmes

Our committed team of fitness instructors will complete a personalised health assessment with each member before customising an exercise programme tailored to your fitness needs.

Group Fitness Classes

Group Fitness Classes

At Richmond Aquatic Centre we have over 35 + group fitness classes per week, including Les Mills Group Fitness, Aqua Classes, Boxercise, Boot Camps and specialized programmes.

Unlimited Spa, Sauna and Swim

Relax in our Sauna or soak it up in our Spa!
Better yet dive into one of our 7 pools with complimentary access included in all fitness memberships

What's stopping you? 

Our Gym

Our modern fitness centre provides the perfect  environment for reaching your fitness goals with qualified friendly staff, a large range of equipment, multi-functional rig, outdoor training area, personal training, health and nutrition advice, and complimentary personalised gym programmes.  

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Qualified Personal Trainers to help you in the right direction

Working one on one with a specialist trainer will ensure that every workout pushes you one step closer to your goals. You will learn the skills that you can use throughout your life to reach your goals and maintain them.

Our Fitness Team

Our qualified friendly fitness team invite you to visit our gym at Richmond Aquatic Centre. With personalised gym programmes, health, well-being and nutrition support our team look forward to supporting you achieve you health and fitness goals. 

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Sauna, Spa and Swim your day away

The Richmond Aquatic Centre sauna is an infrared heated, dry sauna that is perfect to relieve stress, relax muscles and flush toxins. 

Our adult spa is heated to 38° providing the perfect environment for relaxing with the whole family.

Lap it up in our 25 metre pool, with 8 lanes available we have space for everyone. 


Aqua Fitness Classes

Aqua Fitness is a range of water-based group fitness classes. There is a variety of classes to suit all levels and abilities.

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Member of the Month

Member of the Month

Why did you join Fitness by CLM?
I joined Fitness by CLM because it had everything I wanted in a gym - a large variety of equipment, the opportunity to participate in classes and access to pools and saunas. It was also a really convenient distance from home!

What do you like the most about being here?
I like the sense of community at Fitness by CLM because everyone is incredibly friendly and the staff are happy to help and always welcome you in with a wave.

What's one bit of advice you would give someone just starting out?
My best bit of advice would probably be to not worry about looking silly at the gym. At the end of the day, everyone is there to work on themselves so no one is really paying attention to what you are doing and everyone was a beginner once.

Becky Spurgeon

Learn more about our fitness classes! 


How do I join?

How do I join?

We offer both lump sum and easy pay direct debit options. You can sign up in our facility or online.

What is included in my gym membership?

Your gym membership gives you access to our fitness centre including complimentary fitness assessments & gym programmes, unlimited use of our spa & sauna, access to all of our Group Fitness classes.

Can I suspend my membership?

Can I suspend my membership?

Yes you can request a suspension of your membership at any time, please get in touch with us at the facility for more information on this process.

How do I cancel my membership?

How do I cancel my membership?

Please get in touch with us at the facility if you wish to cancel your membership.

Can I buy a day pass?

Can I buy a day pass?

We offer a range of options for access into the facility from casual admission, concession passes and memberships.

All your questions answered?

Richmond Aquatic Centre Richmond Aquatic Centre Richmond Aquatic Centre Richmond Aquatic Centre
Richmond Aquatic Centre Richmond Aquatic Centre Richmond Aquatic Centre Richmond Aquatic Centre
Richmond Aquatic Centre Richmond Aquatic Centre Richmond Aquatic Centre Richmond Aquatic Centre