Personal Training

A Personal Trainer will help you fast track your results. Working one on one with a specialist trainer will ensure that every workout pushes you one step closer to your goals.
You will learn the skills that you can use throughout your life to reach your goals and maintain them.


Damien Brimmer

"My goal is to assist you in reaching your health and fitness goals in a manner that best fits you, and your unique needs. I understand being healthy and fit is not always easy, but by being proactive about your diet and getting proper exercise you can live your life healthier and with more confidence.
My personal training background over the past 20+ years is in strength and bodybuilding, as well as participating in many sports and activities. In 2017 I graduated with a Diploma in Applied Fitness from NMIT.
I am eager to help people that need assistance in injury rehabilitation or living with a disability, whether that is to get back playing sport, working or living your best life."

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Byron Hull

I have worked in the fitness industry now for about 8 years.
I am passionate about improving performance, performance for sport or just life in general!
I specialise in strength and conditioning and HIIT training, with a boxing/kickboxing background I like to incorporate into my sessions for more bang-for-buck.
I offer periodized programs for athletes, with a SMART focus (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timely)
So if you’ve got an event coming up or just want to look and feel great lets talk!

Certificate in exercise science – NMIT
Diploma in applied fitness – NMIT
Bachelors Degree in Sport and Rec – AUT
National Certificate in Fitness (Group Fitness Instruction Lvl.3)
National Certificate in Exercise (Supplementary Lvl.4)
Boxing/Kickboxing Instructor


Diana Gibson

“Do you feel unhappy in your skin?
Are you scared of the gym, worried about not knowing what to do?
Women/mums are you ready to do something for your mental + physical health!
I would love to help you succeed in achieving your goals whether its building strength, toning muscle, lose unwanted body fat or improve your mobility.
Just come ready to work hard by giving 100% and ill deliver a session personalised to you with my passion and love for HIIT training, functional bodyweight + free-weight exercises and boxing, but not limited too. To help ease some anxiety if any, 6 years ago I weighed 92kg. I was unhappy with low self-esteem, but I made a choice to take control and make the changes happen. Everyone has a starting point, make yours today!”


Bryony Klink

"I developed a passion for health and fitness many years ago due to the multiple sports I was involved in.
This lead me to purse study in this field, and in 2013 I achieved my Bachelor degree in Sport and Recreation.
I have worked for Green Prescription and the Asthma Society teaching fitness, aqua and breathing classes over the years. This highlighted to me how important injury prevention and rehabilitation are for people across the board is, and I now teach some aqua classes specifically aimed at helping in this area.
I love helping people achieve personal goals which enhance their well-being and quality of living.
When I'm not in the gym I'm teaching P.E in primary schools in the Nelson Tasman region or going on mountain biking adventures.
My mission is to help to enable and support each person achieve their own personal fitness goals....whatever they may be."


Jacqui Ward

Hi, I’m Jacq,
I’m passionate about fitness because it gives me an incredible sense of accomplishment and I find it amazing what our bodies are capable of, no matter what age. I have a drive to help people find their best version of themselves by developing a healthy mindset and creating a healthy lifestyle, rather than searching for quick fixes.
I’ve always struggled with my weight and confidence. After finding a personal trainer to work with, I fell in love with strength training (and more recently powerlifting) which triggered a massive change in my life. Through newfound confidence and empowerment, I found my best self.
Because I know how being overweight affects many aspects of your life (I’ve been there before myself!), I know how to be there for you and help you discover the benefits and joys of training that helped me become the person I am today.

My vision is for my clients to become stronger, fitter, more knowledgeable about their bodies and more confident in the gym, by empowering them to take charge of their wellbeing and recognizing the connection between physical and mental health, learning to love themselves inside and out.
Training focuses:
- Building gym confidence
- Strength development & training
- Muscle conditioning
- Functional training
- Sports-specific training & rehab
- General Nutrition
- Body fat loss
- Behavior modification
- Building self-respect, confidence & discipline

Marsha-PT copy.jpg

Marsha Rogers

Hi, I’m Marsha,
I bring a rich history of Group Fitness immersion, transitioning from a dedicated participant in the 80s to taking on an instructional role since 2006.
My journey extends into the realm of Bodybuilding competitions, where I not only competed internationally with the WFF New Zealand team in 2015 but also secured victories in regional competitions, earning a notable presence on the National stage. This experience equips me with valuable insights into competition preparation.

A significant milestone in my career involved the development of a highly successful Postpartum Group Fitness progressive program for CLM. This endeavour underscored my passion and directed my focus towards specializing in Pre & Post Natal training. As a mother of five myself, I am genuinely enthusiastic about supporting and guiding you through your pregnancy journey and beyond.

My qualifications include:
NZ Institute of Sport Health & Fitness Coach Level 4
Active Mums NZ Pre & Post Natal Workshop

Radical Fitness Group Fitness Programs:

Les Mills Group Fitness Programs:

Les Mills New Zealand:
TAP Team National Assessor

Exercise New Zealand Awards:
Pre-Choreographed Group Fitness Instructor Runner Up 2021

WFF NABBA Bodybuilding:
Top of the South Figure Overall 2015
NZ National Figure 3rd 2015
WFF WORLDS Competitor 2015
Top of the South Figure Overall 2016
Ms Athletic Figure National Champion 2016

I am dedicated to providing personalized and expert guidance, drawing from my extensive background and qualifications.


Tamsyn McBeth

My goal as a personal trainer is to help others build self-confidence, and improve their mental well-being (with the added benefits of improved physical health and appearance). As a teenager who constantly struggled with mental health, strength training has become my saviour. I aspire to share my knowledge and love of strength training, so you too can have this powerful tool to help improve your mental well-being and self-confidence.

Additionally, I specialise in training females to their menstrual cycle. I hope to develop other’s knowledge and awareness of this topic, sharing different training and nutrition advice to help improve females’ experience with their cycle, thus improving athletic performance and overall well-being.

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