Byron Hull

Fitness Centre Team leader

I enjoy helping people improve their physical health, therefore helping them enjoy a better life. I started with CLM back in 2014 as a fitness consultant; from there I have worked my way up the ranks. My background is largely martial arts competing in amateur Muay Thai and MMA competitions for a number of years.

Strength and conditioning to improve sports performance is my passion for both teams and individuals.

I have been fortunate enough to witness the benefits of fitness and healthy living in individuals of all backgrounds, making me that much more motivated to help YOU achieve your goals.
As a manager I strive to create a supportive inspiring environment for the facilities diverse membership base; in turn encouraging our members to achieve beyond their expectations


Marsha Rogers

Head Instructor

Les Mills has been a fixture in my life for more than 20 years. As both a participants and instructor of several programs over these years I can honestly say I am extremely passionate about these fitness programs.

I have been teaching at CLM Health and Fitness since 2011, shortly after it opened, as have the majority of our awesome instructors.

What do I love about being a Les Mills instructor? Assisting participants in the Group Fitness studio to become the best version of themselves whilst thriving to be a great presenter of world class fitness programs.


Damien Brimmer

Fitness Instructor

I have a personal background in strength training and bodybuilding. I look forward to helping everybody reach their potential, whether they are an experienced individual or someone that has never been in a gym.
I am especially interested in helping people with rehabilitation from injury and getting them back to work, sport or just everyday life.


Bryony Klink

Fitness Instructor

My aspiration is to improve the quality of people's lives through a holistic combination of the physical and mental aspects of exercise and self care.

Diploma in Applied Fitness
Bachelor in Sport and Recreation

Specialising In:
Functional Fitness Training
Injury rehabilitation both land and water based.
Sports Massage.
Mindfulness meditation


Diana Gibson

Fitness Instructor

My passion for health and fitness began six years ago after having my kids; I was looking for a healthier happier version of myself in which I found in exercise and a balanced diet resulting in weight loss of 25kg. So it’s fair to say I am a firm believer in if you want it bad enough and work hard you will see the results. I wanted to learn more and help others in their health and fitness journey so I made the decision to study within the fitness industry at NMIT.
After becoming a member of CLM I found a love for group fitness which ignited the spark that lead me to becoming a Les Mills instructor, helping others like myself build a healthier, fitter and happier version of themselves.


Tamsyn McBeath

Fitness Instructor

I have a strong passion for fitness, specifically strength training and group fitness! I aspire to help others improve their physical and mental well-being through sharing my love and knowledge of strength training.

I also specialise in training females to their menstrual cycle. I hope to develop other’s knowledge and awareness of this topic, sharing different training and nutrition advice to help improve females’ experience with their cycle, thus improving athletic performance and overall well-being.

Bachelor’s Degree in Sport and Recreation
Les Mills Body Pump Certification
Les Mills Grit Certification


Jacqui Ward

Fitness Instructor

After being a CLM member for several years and realising I'd found my 'second home', I decided to join my gym family on the other side of the desk at the start of 2023. Not long after, I started studying to be a Personal Trainer (which I think will nicely complement my existing Clinical Hypnotherapy Certification/vocation). I definitely have a strength training obsession (after losing 23kg four years ago and it changing my life) and would love to help others fall in love with it too. I'm also a top club netball umpire - it's my 'thing'!

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