Aqua Fitness Classes

Aqua Fitness at the Lido Aquatic Centre is a range of water-based group fitness classes. There is a variety of classes to suit all levels and abilities.

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Aqua Aerobics

Aqua Aerobics increases flexibility, improves your cardiovascular efficiency while reducing stress. This class gives you an all-round exercise that will tone your shape, increase muscle tone and reduce fat. This class is suitable for everyone, you don’t need to be a swimmer but do need to be confident in the water.

Aqua Zumba

Bring the party to the pools! Integrating the Zumba formula & philosophy with traditional Aqua Fitness disciplines. This class is a safe, challenging, water-based workout.

Aqua Circuit

Aqua Circuit is an aqua workout class designed to challenge and push the body to its limits. Combining quick intervals of high-intensity aerobic movements and weight training exercises, this class will boost energy levels while increasing endurance, strength, and flexibility. Using the natural resistance of water, participants of all fitness levels can customize each exercise to best work for them. A specialized instructor will guide you through each workout to ensure the proper form. Get ready to be transformed with this energetic and dynamic class!

Aqua Fusion

A mixture of dance styles from around the world, mixed with traditional aerobic movements. Using dumbbells, noodles and your body as resistance. Aqua Fusion is a workout for the whole body.


Aqua HIIT involves brief bursts of very high-intensity work followed by a recovery period.


High-Intensity Interval Trailing (HIIT), including the specialized Tabata format, transitions into the water with high-powered results for muscular strength and endurance using dumbbells, noodles, and your body as resistance.

Aqua Jogging

A fun jogging class in deep or shallow water working your cardiovascular system. This class consist of continuous movement with equipment to help you build your muscle strength, stamina, and flexibility.

Aqua BoxFit

Aqua BoxFit is a 30-minute High Intensity boxing class, filled with non-stop boxing cardio and weight. Designed to improve upper and lower body strength, speed, and balance utilizing dumbbells and water resistance.

Aqua Power

Aqua Power is a 45-minute moderate-intensity, full-body workout that includes aerobics, strengthening & toning exercises where the impact is reduced due to the cushioning effects of the water. Focused on bringing up your heart rate with cardio and strength exercises often using pool resistance equipment such as dumbbells and noodles followed by active stretching.

Aqua Werk

A mixture of dance and high intensity exercises that encompasses body weight, dumbbell, and noodle exercises. This is a class for all fitness levels where you come to have fun and Werk.

Water Pilates

Water Pilates is a low-impact aqua workout suitable for all fitness levels. It is a combination of traditional Pilates exercises and basic water aerobics, making it a great way to improve your strength, balance, and core stability, without putting stress on your joints. With the help of the water's natural resistance, you will engage your entire body, keeping your mind and body in sync. Using specialized equipment like noodles and weights, you will be able to progress your workout to achieve new levels of challenge. Whether you're looking for a dynamic, full-body workout or a relaxing, gentle exercise, our instructors will make sure you get the most out of your Water Pilates class.

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