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Health Assessment & Exercise Programmes

Health Assessment & Exercise Programmes

Our committed team of fitness instructors will complete a personalised health assessment before customising an exercise programme tailored to your fitness needs. We offer four different options to suit every budget.

Group Fitness Classes

Group Fitness Classes

At Lido Aquatic Centre we have over 25+ group fitness classes per week. Our exhilarating range of group fitness classes will keep you on track for your individual goals in a safe and supportive group environment.

Unlimited Swim, Spa, Sauna and Steam.

Relax in our sauna or steam room or soak it up in our spa! Better yet dive into one of our pools with complimentary access included in all fitness memberships

Our Gym

Our 24 hour fitness centre provides the perfect  environment for reaching your fitness goals with qualified friendly staff, a large range of equipment, personal training, health and nutrition advice, and personalised gym programmes. 

Memberships also include full use of Lido and Freyberg facilities and  access to our highly motivating group fitness classes! Their truly is something for everyone at the Lido Aquatic Centre. 

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Palmy Powerhouse

The Palmy Powerhouse has been developed for people who want to “empower” their personal fitness goals while enjoying a dynamic atmosphere and team culture. Something very different and definitely not the ordinary!

Qualified Personal Trainers to help you in the right direction

Personal Training will help you fast track your results. Working one on one with a specialist trainer will ensure that every workout pushes you one step closer to your goals.

Personal Trainers are experts in weight loss, strength gain, athletic performance, stress relief and a whole lot more. 


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Swim, spa, sauna and steam your day away

The Lido Aquatic Centre sauna and steam rooms are the perfect place to relieve stress, relax muscles and flush toxins. 

Our family spa is heated to 35° providing the perfect environment for relaxing with the whole family.

Lap it up in our numerous pools, with so many available we have space for everyone. 

Aqua Fitness Classes

Aqua Fitness at the Lido Aquatic Centre is a range of water-based group fitness classes. There is a variety of classes to suit all levels and abilities.


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Young Fitness Membership!

Our youth gym membership is designed for youth aged 12 to 17 years old. Whether you're a budding athlete or want to stay active and healthy, our gym offers a safe and supportive environment for young people to work out and have fun.

Member of the Month

Member of the Month

Congrats to our Member of the Month, Adrian Molenaar!

How long have you been a member of Fitness by CLM for?
9.5 years

How do you stay motivated attending the gym?
I know that exercise is one of the most effective anti-aging strategies there is. A CEO of a big company wrote that exercise is as important as attending work meetings.

What is your greatest achievement within your exercise journey so far?
Keeping going despite injuries, and maintaining my strength.

Do you have a favourite piece of gym equipment or specific exercise, why?
Stationary bike and rower. These don’t strain my back and knees.

What do you most enjoy about Fitness by CLM?
Friendly staff and people. Good range of gear and options like the pool.

What is your favourite workout tip?
Try and keep up with the people in your class, especially the trainers.

What is your favourite workout tip?
Eat healthy & stay hydrated. Keep going to the gym.

Do you have any fitness advice for others?
Similar to point 2, continue attending the gym despite injuries so I can maintain strength.

Adrian Molenaar

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How do I join?

How do I join?

We offer both lump sum and easy pay direct debit options. You can sign up in our facility or online.

What is included in my gym membership?

Becoming a member entitles you to use of the heated indoor/outdoor swimming pools, spa, sauna, steam-room and aqua aerobics classes.

Can I suspend my membership?

Can I suspend my membership?

Yes you can request a suspension of your membership at any time, please get in touch with us at the facility for more information on this process.

How do I cancel my membership?

How do I cancel my membership?

Please get in touch with us at the facility if you wish to cancel your membership.

Can I buy a day pass?

Can I buy a day pass?

We offer a range of options for access into the facility from casual admission, concession passes and memberships.

My direct debit account is overdue. What shall I do?

My direct debit account is overdue. What shall I do?

Please contact us and we will be in touch with yo to assist with your account.

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