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20 October 2015

Welcome to the Lido Aquatic Centre, home of New Zealand's newest hydroslides. We hope you enjoy your visit. If it is your first visit to our fabulous facility, check out our FAQ's below:

What is appropriate swim wear?

Your safety is of upmost importance to us.  Please swim in togs, shorts above the knee and rash shirts (if you wish).  Please refrain from swimming in loose fitting clothing, under garments, bras or camisoles, demin shorts or pants.  We have a range of swim wear in our store should you require.

What are your hydroslide opening hours?

During the school term, the hydroslides open 3.30pm-7.30pm Monday to Friday.  

Weekends, Public Holidays and School Holidays, the hydroslides open 10am-7.30pm.  We also have inflatables for use 1pm-3pm.

What are your age and height restrictions?

The Lido Aquatic Centre has a strict 'Pool Alone Policy'.  This means that a child under the age of 5 years must be within arms reach of an adult at all times.  A child between 5 and 8 years needs to be actively supervised by an adult at all times.  The indoor hydroslides, and aqua run have an age restriction of 8 years and older.  The outdoor hydroslides have height restrictions of 1.07m for the Superbowl and 1.22m for the Speedslide.  The Pool Alone Policy is still in effect with these height restrictions.

Do you have food available on the premises?

Yes!  The Blue Penguin Cafe has great coffee and a good selection of food and cold drinks.

Can I bring food into the facility?

Picnic foods are welcome at the facility.  Commercial pizza can also be allowed into the facility with a surcharge.  All other commercial take aways are not permitted in our facility.

Can I book a group into use the facility?

Yes!  Contact Deb on and she will provide you with any information you require.


We appreciate your patronage.

Please visit us again soon.